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CIBO house: Whats on the Menu?

Are you thinking over where to take your family members out for a birthday party or where to hold a corporate lunch & dining out event? Worry not! CIBO house has got you covered. We have lunch and dinner buffets available to suit every need. We have subtle and exotic flavors with varieties of starters that would leave you wanting for more.

Indulge in each and every ingredient, the spices and herbs asunder enhanced in every bite you take. Appetizers like Cheese Stuffed Mushroom and Mentha Fish will leave you with pure comfort in a bowl. The incredible customized toppings of Pizzas, Pastas & Lasagnas will be there to turn your day around.

As you make your way through these succulent courses, we ensure to soothe your sweet tooth with the most lip-smacking desserts. To top it all off, you get an unlimited array of Mocktails on the side of this scrumptious, mouth-watering menu. Here, we’ve lined up some of these delectable cuisines out of our INDO WORLD FUSION buffet for you.


Chicken lovers, we have something captivating made for you to satiate your hunger. Fresh coriander balanced with chicken broth and ginger which will work wonders for you. Well, enjoy our unlimited non-veg buffet in Hyderabad.

For vegetarians, we have a classic French thick soup made with roasted potato and leeks with a twist of thyme. Other intriguing appetizers include Aioli Baby Potato, Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms, PeriPeri Cottage Cheese, Cauliflower Crostata, Mentha Fish and the like. Possibly, the best buffet restaurant in Hyderabad that you can get.


The refreshing mocktails served at CIBO house will go well along with the dishes on our main course and various cuisines. The Virgin Mojito will dish out a burst of freshness made with mint & lemon. Even our classic iced tea has a twist with a dash a lime to tingle your senses.


If you think you’ve already had enough options, then you're clearly mistaken. On our main course, you will get a plethora of fantastic options to decide from. Enjoy our spread of continental dishes and choose from Spanish Maize Rice, Moroccan Stew or Cottage Cheese Dumplings dabbling in creamy basil sauce, or get our signature Pizzas, Pastas and Lasagnas served right to your table. We’ve set the expectations for your taste buds pretty high and we bet we can deliver beyond your expectations!

If you’re looking for something lighter, you can opt for a cucumber slice mixed with rich mint and creamy tatziki sauce or desi curd rice with the twist of Italian cheese


The classic French set custard made with egg cream and caramelized sugar will just leave you flabbergasted. We have got an eggless range of desserts as well.

A crispy tart filled with a combination of custard, cream and fruits, apple streusel and coconut mousse that can make it feel like Christmas in your mouth. To top it all off, we’ve curated our signature dessert recipe called Tres Leches, a Spanish dessert made with sponge cake and three forms of milk. You’ve got to try this one.

Enjoy these delectable dishes at the best restaurants nearby and we can ensure your social event will be a huge hit!

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