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Hot Monsoon Cocktails to Take the Rainy Blues Away

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Monsoon seasons can really bring the temperature down, as well as moods due to the gray, rainy weather. Cozying up in a blanket on the balcony with an easy to make monsoon cocktail during such weather can be a truly blissful moment. Leaving behind the cool, fruity mimosas and turning towards a hearty fierce healthy monsoon cocktail can make these rainy blues worth it.

Cinnamon Plum Cider

Dried plum gives a sweet, slightly sour aftertaste that can be great when mixed with the spicy, earthy cinnamon. The cider can be the perfect blend to warm you up till your toes. This healthy monsoon drink is best enjoyed with Pizzas & Lasagnas as it can add the spicy, sweetness the heavy, cheesy dishes requires.

Learn how to make the cider here.

Bavarian Mulled Wine

This monsoon cocktail is full of spices that will leave your house smelling delicious and warm. It has star anise, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla beans, and is one mandatory cocktail to serve in the monsoon season.

This zesty red wine drink is best enjoyed with some Chicken Vol Au Vent. To learn how to make this mulled wine click here.

Bourbon Tropical Peach Cocktail

The perfect hot monsoon cocktail to warm you up definitely includes whiskey. Add sweet peach schnapps and pineapple juice to the mix, and you have the perfect frothy blend to warm you up. This is the perfect drink to have with any Indo Italian fusion dish Learn how to make the drink here.

Hot Cranberry Cider

The cold of the monsoon season can be best combated with the perfect warm healthy monsoon drink that has subtle licorice and fruity orange flavors. This scarlet red drink has the perfect color to fire you up. For anyone who knows about the sacred cranberry and turkey combination, remember to enjoy a delicious turkey dish with this cocktail.

Here is a way to make this amazing cider.

Hot Buttered Rum

No hot monsoon cocktail party is complete without a splash of dark rum. To enhance the flavor of the warm monsoon drink this recipe uses a combination of spices with some spiced butter. Easy to make, this cocktail will have you swooning, especially if you pair it with some Grilled Chicken.

Have a look at the recipe for this special drink here.

Coffee Affogato

When the cold weather hits everyone begins to crave coffee immediately since it is the perfect ingredient to heat you up. This hot monsoon drink is practically a treat since it uses espresso and gelato with a hazelnut blend to give you a great experience. Pair this with your favorite book with the pitter patter of rain the background to sooth you.

Learn to make this cocktail here.

A Hot Toddy

This drink is a perfectly toasty and warm monsoon classic. It’s also really easy to make using base liquor, tea, lemons, and honey. Based on your own preference you can tweak this drink using whiskey, rum, bourbon or brandy. This drink will definitely be the perfect glassful to counter the dreary monsoon rain. It’s a great drink to enjoy while boosting your immune system.

Learn to make this deliciously warm cocktail here.

Monsoons can be bliss when done right, and making any of these hot cocktails for the season will set the mood for you. Experiment with hot cocktails this season paired with some of the most delicious Indo Italian fusion food dishes.

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