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The Take Over of Indian Cuisine -Man Who Is the Best Indian Chef in Not Just India but in the World

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

As Gaggan Anand sat in the ballroom, where he was an attending an event in Singapore, he knew that this year, yet one more time, he would definitely come at the same position in the list of Asia's 50 Best Restaurants. As the awards began, he was ecstatic that he had bagged the 3rd spot last year and if he remained on the same spot, it would still be an achievement to celebrate.

As names were being called out, he could hardly wait to find out whether someone had beat him to the spot or not. Spot number three was called out and it wasn’t his restaurant Gaggan. Could it be? Had he gotten a bump up the list? The second spot was called and again, it wasn’t his name.

This was the moment Gaggan realized that despite what the doubters had said, he had beat the odds and landed the first spot. Sure enough, the announcer called out his name and he was awarded the 1st place in Asia's 50 Best Restaurants.

Asian Western Cuisine Reaching Heights

The success didn’t end there. In 2017, he bagged the 7th spot in the Word’s Best 50 Restaurants. After learning from the best in Spain, he opened his first eatery in Thailand and got instant fame.

So, what’s his secret?

Gaggan calls his Indian cuisine as “progressive Indian cuisine. It’s a mix of Indian spices, western techniques and inspiration from Michelin star chefs. Andre Chiang, who landed the 5th spot in Asia's 50 Best Restaurants talked about how Asian cuisine has been making headlines. Their traditional way of cooking allows western chefs to come up with new ideas and unique spices that take any cuisine’s taste up a notch. Chefs from all over the world spoke at the various culinary symposiums held in Europe by San Sebastian Gastronomika and Food on the Edge about how Asian cuisine has inspired them to introduce something new to their Spanish, Japanese and Singaporean cuisine.

In fact, the first Italian restaurant opened in India in 1978. Back then, French cuisine was on the verge but soon, every restaurant started singing a different tune. The Oberoi’s Brasserie, Rotisserie and La Rochelle are no longer operating. Other restaurants such as Taj’s Zodiac Grill and Rendezvous went under intensive care but never opened back up again.

Ritu Dalmia, the Queen of Italian cuisine has now taken it in her hands to mold Italian cuisine in such a manner that it is liked by Indian vegetarians, as well as non-vegetarians.

World Fusion

Gaggan knew that in order to stand out as an Indian chef who dabbles in western cuisine, he had to come up with something new. His two-month stint at the 3-Michelin star restaurant in Spain operated by Ferran Adrià Acosta allowed him to learn new techniques.

His idea was to present his dishes in a deconstructive way using molecular structure that would appeal to the modern eye. This modern take on classics helped him create world fusion, which had a comical touch to it. His menus do not contain the names of the dishes but emojis. As for his dishes, they are a piece of art that depict a picture.

Today, there are thousands of eateries in India that offer a mix of dishes for Mexican, Japanese, Portuguese and Italian foodies. Tastes have changed and people are now looking for different fusions to challenge their pallet. From pizzas to various kinds of pasta and burgers, the twist to Indian cuisine has created quite a stir that will continue well into the future.

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